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“I fell under the spell”


“Cos, and only Cos.” Michel Reybier’s memorable statement upon acquiring Château Cos d’Estournel in 2000 expresses the depth of his involvement in the life of the estate as well as his desire to pursue the most ambitious directions in all that he undertakes.

He is very clear about his designs for Cos d’Estournel: “I was looking for an estate that had something unusual about it and where I would be able to make a contribution over time. I wasn’t just looking to make yet another wine . . . I fell under the spell of Cos d’Estournel.”
It was the beginning of the passion of a lifetime. Michel Reybier explains, “Cos d’Estournel brings together an inimitable terroir, a rich history, and magnificent architecture. Wine has been grown here for more than two centuries. Our only goal, be it for Cos d’Estournel or our other wines, is to always seek excellence: in the vineyard, in our wines, and in our people, while at the same time respecting all that surrounds us.”

Michel Reybier is driven by a ceaseless quest of quality and an extraordinary terroir, and he continues to draw inspiration from the creator of the estate: “I remain fascinated by Louis-Gaspard d’Estournel, the estate’s founder. He built this place and revamped the vineyard and the estate with great zeal and tenacity, with the goal of making Cos d’Estournel an exceptional estate and producing one of the best wines in the world. Who wouldn’t be influenced by his philosophy?”

Twenty years after acquiring Château Cos d’Estournel, Michel Reybier was drawn to La Mascaronne, an iconic estate in Provence, by the same desire to dedicate himself to an outstanding terroir.

“There is a particular energy at La Mascaronne; it is one of those places with a special kind of alchemy that puts you at ease. Provence offers providential land for producing excellent rosé wines, and La Mascaronne is truly singular. The vineyard is magnificent; it is cultivated with the highest degree of respect for the environment.
Here, as at our other estates, we believe that winemaking is a very lengthy process that merits long-term dedication. It is about preserving a legacy and working to sublimate the bounty of Nature. This is what allows us to craft the best wines possible, wines that are meant to be shared with loved ones and enjoyed with fine cuisine.”

“Our only goal, be it for Cos d’Estournel or our other wines, is to always seek excellence: in the vineyard, in our wines, and in our people.”

In 2009, Michel Reybier was likewise drawn to Tokaj-Hétszölö, a Royal Imperial Estate with a fascinating history and a powerful emotional draw that was created in 1502 by a meticulous, discerning family. The selection of the region’s seven most outstanding plots for the vineyard inspired the name Hét Szőlő, or “seven plots of vineyard” in Hungarian.
For nearly two centuries, from 1711 on, the vineyard was diligently tended to by the Austro-Hungarian emperors of the House of Habsburg. In 1722, it was recognized as a Premier Grand Cru. This prestigious legacy defined by an ongoing quest of the highest levels of quality resonates throughout.
Michel Reybier’s choices have never been governed by simple chance or coincidence, and he inculcates in his teams the same passion and dedication to quality above all. This underlying philosophy is central to identifying the best wines, seeking out the best terroirs and estates and prolonging their precious heritage, and fueling a determination to contribute to the long-term development of these rare, inimitable sites.

It comes as no surprise, then, that Michel Reybier was also drawn to the Champagne region, where his Champagne Michel Reybier is a subtle blend of two Champagne varieties—Chardonnay and Pinot Noir—produced from Premier Cru and Grand Cru terroirs.
Once again, it is proof of his passion for excellence, his dedication to offering wine-lovers the most unique, unforgettable moments, and his zeal for crafting some of the world’s finest wines.

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