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La Mascaronne, An Iconic Site


A true jewel from Provence

Stunningly beautiful, La Mascaronne is an uncommon, treasured site. Located in the town of Le Luc en Provence, on a sumptuous ring-shaped site where nature seems perfectly intact, it offers unparalleled views of the estate’s age-old stone-walled terraces, magnificent hilly contours and borders of olive trees.

For Michel Reybier, « there is a particular energy at La Mascaronne; it is one of those places where a special kind of alchemy puts you at ease. »

La Mascaronne essentially derives its identity from its terroir. Certified Agriculture Biologique since 2016, the estate’s sixty-hectare vineyard is a single, continuous plot of land surrounded by oak and olive trees.

Château La Mascaronne - Vignoble (1)
Château La Mascaronne - Bastide (5)

The wines of Château La Mascaronne are crafted exclusively from grapes grown on-site and include Château La Mascaronne Rosé, a fresh, balanced rosé that expresses all the qualities of the terroir from which it is produced. The scrupulous care with which our teams cultivate the vineyard has fostered a deep understanding of the specificities of each terroir and plot. Throughout the year, at every phase of the winemaking process, we stop at nothing to achieve our goal of producing wines that are uniquely expressive and balanced, wines with a soul.

“I see Provence as a providential region for producing excellent rosé wines. As for La Mascaronne, it is truly unique. The vineyard is magnificent, and we work to cultivate it according to an utmost respect of nature. Our approach goes beyond our Agriculture Biologique certification: we consider the ecosystem as a whole.”

« La Mascaronne is one of those places where a special kind of alchemy puts you at ease. »

“Here as on our other estates, we believe that winemaking is a very long process that merits long-term investment. It is about preserving a legacy and working to sublimate the bounty of Nature. This is what allows us to craft the best wines possible, wines that are meant to be shared with loved ones and enjoyed with fine cuisine.”

This purpose is perfectly illustrated by the proximity of La Réserve Ramatuelle. Located only a one-hour drive apart, La Mascaronne and La Réserve Ramatuelle are delightfully complementary. Together they reveal two facets of life in Provence: an intimate encounter with the Mediterranean Sea on one hand, and on the other, a preserved, sumptuous vineyard tucked away among oak and olive trees. The two sites are close enough that guests may enjoy a day at La Mascaronne, to partake in the many pleasures of living in Provence, followed by dinner at La Réserve Ramatuelle, with the sea for its only horizon…

“We have been present in Provence for more than fifteen years now with La Réserve Ramatuelle, and I feel very attached to this region, its climate and the quality of life it offers. Acquiring La Mascaronne seemed only natural.”

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