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Schweizerhof Zermatt


Imagine a snow-covered paradise in a legendary village nestled at the heart of the Alps, where you will experience the true soul of Zermatt in a mountain chalet at the foot of the Cervin mountain. The only thing asked of you is that you let yourself go. Welcome to the Schweizerhof Hotel in Zermatt!

Following six months of renovation under the ingenious and artful direction of Michel Reybier, the Schweizerhof Hotel has undergone a renaissance. Located in one of the birthplaces of mountaineering, it offers an authentic mountain experience free of ostentation, a refuge where harmony and tradition come together and the adrenaline brought on by alpine sports is rewarded with the most enticing creature comforts.

With its singular atmosphere of understated charm and warm elegance, the Schweizerhof Zermatt offers a new form of art de vivre in an alpine setting. Its ninety-five rooms and suites were entirely revisited by the Kristian Gavoille & Valérie Garcia design and architecture firm. It is a place that pulses with a passion for the mountains, a sense of sharing and openness and a love of culinary delights.

The Schweizerhof Zermatt feels like a welcoming family retreat, a concept that remains dear to Michel Reybier and is a distinguishing characteristic of his properties: they are places where large families can come together and each member may enjoy the adventures of his or her choosing. Throughout the day, each guest receives special treatment worthy of a hero, whether in the hotel’s rooms, spa or three restaurants, where no culinary desire will go unfulfilled at the inviting Schweizerhof Kitchen, the audacious Muña, with its Peruvian and Asian influences, or the aptly named Cheese Factory.

As the sun’s last rays streak across the horizon, join your loved ones in the smoking lounge, one of the Schweizerhof Zermatt’s intimate salons or the cocktail bar and enjoy a glass of Cos d’Estournel. It is a moment of pure bliss and serene luxury, the apogee of perfection.

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