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On the Maharajah’s Trail


Camille wakes up one morning to find that Julien has mysteriously disappeared from her apartment. Her only clue is the cork from a bottle of wine bearing the name Cos d’Estournel.
Our heroine doesn’t think twice before heading to Bordeaux and its vineyards, where a series of enigmas will take her on an in-depth discovery of Cos d’Estournel. But will she find the answers she is looking for? And more importantly, will she find Julien?

Are you, like Camille, a whiz at solving mysteries? See if you can figure out the riddles she encounters during her adventures at Cos d’Estournel!

“Find the Maharajah”

Camille has barely arrived at Cos d’Estournel when she is confronted with her first enigma.
What Maharajah? Is he a discreet resident at La Maison d’Estournel? Or where else could he possibly be? If you are familiar with Cos d’Estournel, you’ll know who he is!

“The ancestor of the selfie awaits you in his cabinet, where curiosity is considered a virtue.”

After biking a mile or two, Camille manages to find the Maharajah, before encountering a second enigma.
How mysterious! Is Camille supposed to take her auto-portrait? And to what kind of cabinet could the riddle be referring?

“It takes the memory of an elephant to tell a story without a book.”

What a strange clue! But there are elephants everywhere at Cos d’Estournel. And if there are no books, then it can’t be a library. What kind of stories could a wine estate possibly have to tell?

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