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2021, the Essence of Cos d’Estournel


Cos d'Estournel 2021, finely honed

Crafted from grapes grown on the estate’s oldest vines—fifty-five years old on average—Cos d’Estournel 2021 is a finely honed, precise wine that is both silky and full of verve.

It opens with notes of black tea and black pepper before liberating intense aromas of red berries, blackberry, and black fig. Subtle mineral notes balance an incredible concentration, resulting in an exceptionally harmonious wine.

Noble and remarkably long, Cos d’Estournel 2021 is a classic, particularly refined expression of our singular terroir that is certain to age very well.

96/100 – Jane Anson
94-96/100 – Antonio Galloni (Vinous)
94-95/100 – William Kelley (
94-95/100 – James Suckling
93-95/100 – Neal Martin (Vinous)

Pagodes de Cos 2021, graceful

From its creation in 1994, Pagodes de Cos has been produced from grapes grown on a clearly identified terroir whose vines are forty years old on average. Each vintage is an excellent introduction to the style of Cos d’Estournel.

True to the spirit of Pagodes de Cos, the 2021 vintage is succulent, serious, and sophisticated, a wine that is delightful from a young age.

Pronounced notes of blueberry, redcurrant, and strawberry are complemented by smoky, chocolate aromas and a touch of cinnamon that lend a certain complexity, making for a round, elegant, immensely enjoyable wine.

91-94/100 – Antonio Galloni (Vinous)
92-93/100 – James Suckling
90-92/100 – William Kelley (

G d'Estournel 2021, Velvety

As always, our vineyard in the northernmost reaches of the Médoc experienced more extreme weather—especially greater variations in temperature—than that of Cos d’Estournel. But the ages of the vines that grow there, their deep root systems, meticulous leaf thinning, and the freshness generated by the nearby Gironde Estuary allowed the vines to adapt.

Delicate and pure, G d’Estournel 2021 reveals a touch of salinity occasioned by the Gironde’s briny breezes and refined notes of rosemary, licorice, and sour cherry, resulting in a wine so nuanced and subtle that it is not without recalling an herbal infusion.

Underscored by a light bitterness mid-palate, a lively, velvety texture accompanies the wine’s characteristic roundness, which is enhanced in the 2021 vintage by aromas of hazelnut, making for a truly delectable wine.

90-92/100 – Antonio Galloni (Vinous)
90-91/100 – James Suckling

Cos d'Estournel Blanc 2021,

In 2021, the vines of Cos d’Estournel Blanc yielded a graceful wine that is rich and finely structured, thanks in part to their ongoing ability to delve deeper in the estate’s soils but also thanks to the breezes of the nearby Gironde Estuary and the ongoing efforts of the estate’s teams.

Concentrated and balanced by the natural vivacity of their terroir, our Sauvignon Blanc grapes have once again allowed for a larger proportion of Sémillon—whose distinct mineral character derives from the limestone in the vineyard’s soils–to be used in the final blend.

Extremely complex, Cos d’Estournel Blanc 2021 is a magnificent, harmonious expression of white peach, rose, bergamot, lemon, and flint. Remarkable energy accompanies a rich, precise palette of aromas, resulting in an accomplished, fascinating wine with great cellaring potential.

97-98/100 – James Suckling
94/100 – Jane Anson
93-95/100 – Antonio Galloni (Vinous)
92-94/100 – Neal Martin (Vinous)
91-93+/100 – William Kelley (
16,5/20 –

Pagodes de Cos Blanc 2021,

Pagodes de Cos Blanc 2021 benefits from seventeen years’ experience in cultivating and crafting white wines as well as the incredible characteristics of the vines from which it is produced, the oldest of which are thirty-seven years old and have fully attained their potential for yielding outstanding white wines. Indeed, Pagodes de Cos is a wine that merits being associated with the estate’s iconic pagodas.

The 2021 vintage is truly enticing, with the roundness of fresh almond and lively, sweet aromas of citrus fruit including kumquat that are accentuated by a touch of jasmine, a wonderfully accessible wine that is only the more delightful when enjoyed with friends or loved ones.

93-94/100 – James Suckling
91-93/100 – Antonio Galloni (Vinous)
90-92/100 – William Kelley (
15,5/20 –

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