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Experience & loyalty

A commitment to excellence

From father to son

For decades, the same team of grape-pickers has returned to Cos d’Estournel year after year, leaving their village in southern Spain at harvest time every autumn.
It is not unusual for a child to take his first steps with his father and grandfather – and then one day see his own son work – among the vines of Cos d’Estournel. From one generation to another, families have been passing down their intimate knowledge of, and their passion for, the vineyard for some time.
The loyalty and expertise of the men and women of Cos d’Estournel are inestimable. The bulk of the work is manual, and the hands that carry it out are guided by the experience of previous generations. Each member of the team is essential to the pursuit of excellence that defines the estate’s philosophy.

Our debt to the land

“Wine is a thing of feelings, of emotions, of memories. For me, it is a personal journey. You should be able to form your own opinion, rather than having someone else tell you what to feel. There are no absolute truths in the vineyard, and this forces us to stay humble. It is the terroir that commands: it was there before us, and it will be there long after we are gone. If anything, we are the ones who owe something to the land; the land doesn’t owe us anything.”

Aymeric De Gironde, General Manager

Pride and humility

“I make wine because it evokes the eternal; it makes us want to grow older, to taste a wine and see how it evolves over time. My ideal wine is one that moves you, a wine that has a certain freshness but is also rich and generous. Every harvest brings its own satisfactions: my favorite vintages are the 2010 and the 2005. In 2010, we were equipped with the best techniques, and in 2005, the grapes were simply the most outstanding I have ever seen.”

Dominique Arangoïts, Technical Director

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