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La Maison d’Estournel

La Maison D'Estournel

A new hotel in the heart of the Médoc region

Located just steps away from Cos d’Estournel in what used to be the private home of Louis-Gaspard d’Estournel, La Maison d’Estournel today welcomes guests in search of simple, authentic pleasures. Michel Reybier continues to perpetuate the values and ambitions of the “Maharajah of Saint Estèphe” and his recreation of the architectural ensemble envisioned by the latter—Cos d’Estournel, a palace dedicated to winemaking, and La Maison d’Estournel, a welcoming retreat surrounded by nature—is indeed a worthy tribute.

True to a philosophy that Louis-Gaspard d’Estournel would have readily embraced, the property offers a most singular experience. Here the traditional hotel approach gives way to an art of living based on the simple pleasures of life. Savor a relaxed moment in front of the fireplace or in the park, enjoy a glass of Cos d’Estournel at the bar of the open kitchen, discover the seasonal delights prepared by our chef or take part in preparing a meal at his side should you so desire.
La Maison d’Estournel is an ideal destination for city-dwellers seeking to get away one-on-one or with friends or family. Stay for a weekend or let yourself be tempted to linger on. Inspired by the site’s natural surroundings, English designer Alex Michaelis has created a décor in which time seems to slow down in favor of a more ancient rhythm, and all is calm and as it should be.

Surrounded by vines and situated at the heart of a hundred-year-old park, La Maison d’Estournel was conceived in the same spirit of excellence that defines every one of Michel Reybier’s properties. Guests are treated in a down-to-earth, warm fashion in a setting that is both relaxed and refined, where the spirit of country living is truly genuine. Here you will enjoy a unique experience in a singular place, where the pleasures of tasting the wines of the estate are heightened by an exceptional setting.

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For an unforgettable stay at La Maison d’Estournel, please contact Thérèse Saint-Martin at +33 5 56 59 30 25 or

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