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Moments of Pure Bliss with Pagodes de Cos 2016


A Wine-Lover's Delight

You are back at La Maison d’Estournel after a day’s worth of adventures in the Médoc. Take a seat on the terrace overlooking the century-old park and savor a dinner concocted by our Chef, a tribute to the exceptional local products that you have spent the day exploring. It is the perfect moment to discover a wine ideal for whiling the evening away in good company.

What better wine than Pagodes de Cos 2016, an outstanding vintage universally praised by wine critics? Vibrant, silky and seductive, it creates wonderful memories of shared moments of bliss.

It is a wine to be enjoyed while observing Mother Nature and the century-old trees watching over La Maison d’Estournel’s guests and the estate’s seemingly endless vistas of vines, the very same vines that, in a year of ideal weather conditions, resulted in the delicately opulent wine in the glass before you. It is a wine meant to be shared as you laugh and converse with dear friends.


Velvety, crisp, complex and altogether delectable, Pagodes de Cos 2016 is a wine-lover’s delight, and a wonderful counterpart to the traditional seasonal dishes of our Chef: light, modern interpretations of the local terroir.

Whether you find yourself in the heart of the Médoc, at a cozy family retreat or in a buzzing urban setting, Pagodes de Cos 2016 is the perfect companion to moments of shared, spontaneous joy and the simple pleasures of life.

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