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Pagodes de Cos 2014, A Wine Full of Charm


A delightful temptation

Perched in the fragrant hills of the French Riviera, just a stone’s throw from Saint Tropez, La Réserve Ramatuelle’s villas are built in the local style and offer endless vistas of the blue waters of the Mediterranean. Be one on one with the sea as you experience a stay that has been designed around Michel Reybier’s vision of making you “feel at home while getting away from it all.”

And as you enjoy spontaneous, joyful moments with loved ones in this sublime setting, why not make your time even more pleasurable by savoring a wine full of charm and character, a wine that will become an integral part of your memories of these blissful times?


Seductive and lively, elegant and complex, the 2014 vintage of Pagodes de Cos is a natural choice: it is inspired by the immensity of the sea and perfect for sharing delightful epicurean moments. Its mineral notes play off its smoothness and it expresses the wealth of its terroir in a most refined fashion. Like the gentle waves before you, it promises to embark you on the discovery of something vastly more complex, with temptations of unrestrained delights.

At La Réserve Ramatuelle, the view of Mediterranean is not only a decorative feature; the waters soothe and calm visitors before feeding their desires for festivities or fresh, new adventures. Charming and vivacious, Pagodes de Cos evokes the simple pleasures of life and is a perfect accompaniment to moments of conviviality and joy.

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