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Ceaseless Efforts


Ceaseless Efforts

The 2019 vintage is the result of a concatenation of periods of hot weather alternating with timely, moderate rainfall. Delivering Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes of ideal size and concentration, the harvest proved congruous with our expectations. Remarkably enough, the complexity and sophistication of an exceptional Cos d’Estournel could already be detected in the grapes at harvest time.
Our terroir proved primordial, as its proximity to the Gironde Estuary and the ocean allowed it to compensate for extreme weather conditions. And, having adapted to low rainfall early in the season, our vines were able to tolerate
the unusually dry weather.


The constant presence and vigilance of our teams in the vineyard were also crucial in the face of these alternating weather conditions. Their decisions to begin thinning leaves earlier in the season proved wise, as did their ongoing efforts of light ploughing, which allowed the estate’s gravel to best maintain its water supply.

Our gravitational cellars allowed for impeccable manipulation of the highly concentrated berries; fermentation was carried out at lower temperatures than usual (26–27°C) to avoid over-extraction and let the yeasts work in a tranquil fashion.
These initiatives, alongside an unfailing rigor and precision, were vital to preserving the immense potential of this year’s harvest before it could be brought to its fullest expression during blending.

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