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A Day at Harvest


Harvest is one of the primordial rituals that punctuate life on the vineyard and shape the unique profile of each vintage. It is a time when the vineyard comes to life, buzzing with the same excitement, the same passion and the same enthusiasm from one year to the next. Neither the very early mornings nor any inclement weather can dampen the fervor that spurs each grape-picker to take part in this very special and decisive moment in the winegrowing cycle at Cos d’Estournel.

Harvest is a tale best told by a multitude of voices. At Cos d’Estournel, these voices have a special resonance, given the dedication that has driven the same group of grape-pickers to travel to the estate year after year from the same village in Spain. The day begins with a hearty breakfast in a large communal room before the grape-pickers set out to their plot assignments on foot. Row by row, they cut and pick grapes, all the while sharing lively conversation and laughter throughout the day, motivating and encouraging one another.

The harvested grapes are collected in baskets that are picked up at the end of each row and transported to the cellars, where they are sorted by hand. Then the work of the winemaking team begins: the grapes are ushered into the gravitational vat room, where the miraculous transformation of grapes into wine will take place.

In the vineyard and in the cellars, the harvest is indeed a moment of gratification. But it is also a time for sharing, of wanting to relive the day over a hearty dinner and of enjoying the last days of summer. It is this feeling that motivates each and every member of the team to get up and get back to work each and every morning.

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