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Nestled among the vines of Cos d’Estournel, the Chartreuse is the private residence of Michel Reybier and his family.

With six bedrooms and two suites, it offers all the warmth and discreet elegance of a family retreat. Staying at the Chartreuse means an exclusive opportunity to experience life on the estate from the inside. To ensure utmost enjoyment for our guests, the Chartreuse is only available to rent in its entirety.

A singular stay, customized for you

Our Home Family Manager will attend to your every need as you make yourself at home at the Chartreuse. Dive into the clear waters of the indoor pool or let your tensions melt away in the hammam. Enjoy a moment of utter relaxation basking in the sun’s rays on the patio overlooking the garden. In the evenings, relax before a roaring fire or partake in a delectable meal prepared especially for you by our private Chef.
For your most special occasions, we are on hand to organize the celebration of your choosing, be it a candlelit dinner, an evening of live chamber music or an extravagant fireworks display…
To find out more, please contact the Home Family Manager by email at
or by phone at +33 556 731 550.

The most exceptional wines

During your stay at the Chartreuse, go behind the scenes to experience life on the vineyard and get to know its wines intimately. As a special guest of the estate, you will be guided through the winemaking process by our technical team. You will discover what makes the terroir of Cos d’Estournel exceptional. Take part in the harvest or try your hand at wine-growing techniques, such as pruning in the Médoc fashion.
At the château, our breathtaking vat room awaits you. Renovated in 2008, it was the first in Bordeaux to be entirely based on the laws of gravity. As you taste the wines in the vats or while they are aging in the barrel, you will become privy to some of the deepest secrets of our wines and how they are made.
Your journey will culminate in an unforgettable tasting of some of the most remarkable vintages of Cos d’Estournel, carefully selected for you among the precious nectars ageing peacefully under the Pagodas of the estate.

The region’s best-kept secrets

Cos d’Estournel is an ideal starting point for visiting the Médoc region, the city of Bordeaux and the Atlantic Coast. Embark upon an original journey during which your guide will reveal many of the hidden gems of the region.
Designed especially for you, your visit will be like no other. Make the most surprising encounters and discover sites well off the beaten track, from charming village churches or secret springs hidden between rows of vines at the Goulée lighthouse to small islands tucked away in the meanders of the Gironde Estuary.
Your custom-designed tour of Bordeaux will reveal all the city has to offer, from historical, architectural, cultural and culinary perspectives.
And for lovers of sand and surf, the Atlantic Coast is the perfect day-trip destination, whether you choose to enjoy it from the golden-hued sand dunes or out on the sparkling waters of Arcachon Bay.

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